Cybersecurity Services

A full range of top-tier cybersecurity services and solutions to strengthen your business with operational resilience, flawless data privacy, and robust protection against cyber threats.

We Help You
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Extend Your Security Expertise

With deep expertise in enterprise security projects, our Cybersecurity Competence Center offers a diverse portfolio of services to address your security needs, enabling the all-round protection of your business.

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Protect Your Vital IT Systems

Our seasoned cybersecurity experts utilize advanced information protection, intrusion prevention, and threat intelligence tools to effectively safeguard your IT perimeter from both common threats and novel, more sophisticated cyber-attacks.

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Ensure Solid Business Continuity

We perform 24/7 proactive security monitoring, deploy threat protection solutions, and utilize robust backup and disaster recovery tools to exclude disruptions across your cloud or hybrid infrastructure.

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Reinforce Your Security Posture

Gain a deep insight into your security posture, identify any vulnerabilities, and mitigate threats with our security assessment services. We provide in-depth security audits, risk assessments, and perform simulated attacks to help you build a resilient security system.

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Reduce Business Risks

By implementing comprehensive Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions, we eliminate data breaches and leaks, thus helping you avoid significant financial losses, reputational damage, and stolen intellectual property. 

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Improve Compliance & Data Privacy

Our skilled cybersecurity specialists provide compliance assessment, consulting, and implementation services to help you ensure ultimate data privacy and comply with GDPR, ISO, BSI, and other standards.

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Optimize Costs & Resources

By delegating security tasks to our managed Security Operations Center (SOC), you can reduce costs on hiring in-house experts. Control expenses by scaling our services and redirect your IT resources to important strategic tasks.

Our Solutions

Self-Sovereign Identity

An all-in-one eID platform for seamless identity management, authentication, and data-sharing.

  • Robust security with 2FA, data encryption, and full GDPR compliance
  • Includes an advanced electronic signature
  • Diverse customization and integration options
Link to solutions/self-sovereign-identity

Our Expertise

Information Security

Infopulse utilizes role-based access control (RBAC), multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), complex encryptions, and data loss prevention tools to ensure powerful data protection in motion and at rest while maintaining its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Threat Detection

We deliver 24/7 real-time threat monitoring, detection, and response to defend your business against advanced cyber threats and any other suspicious activities. Furthermore, our experts implement modern ML-powered threat intelligence solutions to precisely analyze potential threats and help you enable a predictive security posture.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Our consultants provide holistic IT risk management services, including security audits, monitoring, and event management to help you identify subtle vulnerabilities and mitigate any risks. 

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Infopulse experts design and implement effective backup & disaster recovery strategies to safeguard your business from unplanned downtime. Together we will prioritize your workloads and define RTO/RPO. Consequently, our engineers will establish a powerful BDR solution, tailored to your cloud or hybrid environment.

Incident Response & Digital Forensics

Infopulse security teams perform continuous incident monitoring to investigate and conduct deep digital forensic analysis of incidents, report and remediate internal or external attacks. In addition, we can enhance your long-term defense by developing comprehensive incident response plans (IRPs) and leveraging automated response to common events.

Our Services

Security Assessment

We deliver tailored security assessments to identify and fix your security pain points. The service scope includes information risk and network security assessment, vulnerability scanning, security process validation, and penetration testing in full adherence with NIST 800-series, ISO 27K, ISF SoGP, BSI IT-Grundschutz, GDPR, and other methodologies and standards.

Penetration Testing

With 15+ years of pentesting experience, Infopulse develops precise attack vectors and scenarios that are adjusted to your business. The scope of our services includes web, desktop, mobile, network pentesting, and social engineering, as well as assessment of resistance to multi-layered attacks and red teaming (simulated targeted attacks).

Cloud Security

Infopulse provides a wide range of dedicated cyber security services to protect your cloud or hybrid infrastructure on all levels. Our experts establish robust IAM, effective data loss prevention, implement proactive threat monitoring, and cloud SIEM for coordinated incident response. We also design and implement high-level security roadmaps to enable a perfectly safe cloud migration.

IT Infrastructure Protection

Infopulse utilizes high-end tools and solutions to ensure the full-scale protection of your IT infrastructure. We manage and deploy web application firewalls to safeguard your web apps. Additionally, our experts enhance your network security with robust access control, detection of malicious traffic, and fault-tolerant network architecture.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our managed SOC service is designed to cover all of your security needs via an SLA-based model. Infopulse provides L1/L2/L3 SOC services to defend your business from known and zero-day threats, monitor suspicious activities, detect deviations from normal user or system behavior, investigate and react to security incidents, and maintain compliance.

SIEM/SOAR Solution Deployment

As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP with Advanced Specialization in Threat Protection, Infopulse designs and deploys high-end SIEM/SOAR solutions based on Microsoft Sentinel (formerly Azure Sentinel). Our SIEM/SOAR solutions empower your business with advanced tools for alert detection, cyber threats visibility, proactive threat hunting and response.

DevSecOps Implementation

By integrating security with DevOps, you can rapidly develop secure applications of the highest quality. Infopulse provides expert DevSecOps advisory and implementation services to help you enhance software development with application security self-testing, self-diagnosis, and self-protection technologies.


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